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Non-resolving responses to polar questions: A revision to the QUD theory of relevance. Proceedings of Sinn und Bedeutung 24. 2020 (joint work with Alex Warstadt) (paper)

How to ignore counterexamples: Conditionals and their irrelevant exceptions. Unpublished manuscript. 2021

Conditionals as definite descriptions: Evidence from focus-sensitive operators. Unpublished manuscript. 2020

Homogeneity in temporal adverbials and anaphora. NYU Qualifying Paper. 2020

Aspectual ambiguities via verbal decomposition in Khoekhoe. NYU Qualifying Paper. 2019

Variable telicity of degree achievements: a unified perspective. Unpublished manuscript. 2019


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Temporal homogeneity and exceptions to habituals. Talk given at SALT 31. May 2021.

How to ignore counterexamples: Epistemic Sobel sequences and Sufficient Truth. Talk given at NYU Semantics Group. March 2021

Non-Resolving Responses to Polar Questions. Poster presented at Sinn und Bedeutung 24. September 2019. (poster) (joint work with Alex Warstadt)

Event Structure and Non-culmination in Khoekhoe. Poster presented at MACSIM 8. April 2019.